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Crazy Queen

Episodes: 20/20
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Crazy Queen
  • JT Mae Merciales

    pls sub this drama !!!! i can only understand a little bit of chinese ….i really want to watch this with english sub

  • Margie Viruet

    Can you please sub English

  • JaLee Nya

    Hi. Is there someone taking care of this drama? I think the last update date from last month. I wish I could anderstand mandarin but unfortunatly French and English are the only langage I speak. Who ever you are subber: Jayho!

  • n.m

    english sub please..

  • needya

    Pleeeeeeeeas sub this drama

  • Moon Won Hae

    Episode 7 with eng sub?

  • Bella Reid

    can some please sub this drama


Crazy Queen Engsub – 瘋狂天后 Engsub – The film tells the story of a girl of the 21st century, she is very active and intelligent, always determined to pursue her dreams. Although pursuing an acting career in many years, but she always received the supporting role was unremarkable. During a debate with the director, she accidentally fell into the water, when she regained consciousness, she found herself lost in a strange kingdom under the regime of feminism and she was the queen of it