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While You Were Sleeping

당신이 잠든 사
Episodes: 0/16
While You Were Sleeping
  • Melanie Salazar

    As soon the name Suzy showed .. I bowed out of watching this. Out of every single drama that I’ve watched with this below than average wannabe actress turn a would have been a recommended drama .. to a drama that bored me with her acting. Sad but true!!! Even playing next to a excellent lead actor.. she manages to bore me to tears. As much as I enjoy Lee Jong Suk drama’s… it saddens me that they have him paired up with an actress that doesn’t come close to his level.

    • Pinkchantique

      100% agreed with your views on Suzy. She probably best stick to her singing or modelling..

    • JL

      myb u might wanna change your perspective since it’s currently airing. i feel like she improved ALOTTT. i’m really impressed.

  • JL

    omg im waiting for this <3


Comming soon….

The drama revolves around a woman who can foresee unfortunate events that will happen to other people through her dreams. On the other hand, the prosecutor will do everything in his powers to prevent the woman’s dreams from turning into a reality.


Lee Jong Suk


Dangshini Jamdeun Saie, 당신이 잠든 사이에