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Fool in Love with You (2016)

Episodes: 35/35
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Fool in Love with You (2016)
  • jude

    Thank You so Much!

  • aditi

    thnq for having it….. i soo badly wanted to watch it…..

  • Ghizlaine Laye

    please complete the sub .. I’m in love with this drama

  • May Gelmerine

    please updates the episodes sub. thanks

  • mooona-kun

    I really love this ive been waiting for so long for the complete sub

  • JaLee Nya

    So. Was it abandoned subbing too? Like so much other dramas on this sites. It’s been at least 1 month sice the last update. Crazy Queen, I love my president though is a psycho, The journey and this drama here are why I bookmarked this sites. Because no others are taking them on. I noticed lately The Journey is been steadily subbed. At least 1 episode is coming out per week. So as slow as it is it is still been taken care of (Thank you Linji and Sophie. Jahyo !!). But it looks like the others have been giving up on. So disapointed. Is it time to learn Mandarin? … Argh! forget it.


Fool in Love with You (2016) – 笨蛋爱上两个你 – This is typical idol drama about romance between perfect CEO and his live-in-maid.

Liu Mikan – Hao Cong Ming
Wu Hao Ze – Chi Mo / Song Xiao Xiao
Zhao Hancock – Han Yi
Feng Kinki – Zheng Bao Zhu

Download :

Ep1 : https://goo.gl/sPhCQ7

Ep2: https://goo.gl/xddu91

Ep3: https://goo.gl/xQ6t5T