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General and I (2017)

Episodes: 62/62
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General and I (2017)
  • jude

    This drama is promising,great drama with amazing chemistry! Highly recommend.

  • ibCherryBanxxx


  • Su Myat Nyein Aung

    Checking this website every hour if there is any new episode!

  • Mfale

    I wasn’t able to watch this drama somewhere else,but really happy that i could here,I am not a Fan of Chinese drama,But recently they have put out good historical drama like Princess Wei Yang,God of War Zhao Yun, Singing All Along,Legend of Lu Zhen,and now General and I
    The scenery is beautiful.Actors are really good,background music flows,and writers script is interesting, it does leaves you wanting more…..

  • vivek singh

    well series was boring it seem they didn’t have enough plot(story) so they keep on passing time in useless things only few episodes were good I had to keep fast fw slow pace of serial like someone taking bath too long someone moving very slowly someone playing zither for too long most of episodes were full of these thing only one conclusion they didn’t had enough plot to keep every episode interesting plus I think something wrong with face of main actress her lips did she had plastic surgery her face didn’t seem natural

    • michoerly zhj

      The question need to be, who is natural in dramas now?

  • yuki yang

    Why I can’t see this drama?

  • yuki yang

    I want repeat watch GENERAL AND I again !!!!!!!!!!!

  • yuki yang

    this drama is awesome, ANGELABABY is so beautiful


General and I (Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang) – 孤芳不自赏 – Bai Ping Ting had never believed in the saying that “ladies without a talent is a virtue.” She is Xiao Jing An Wang’s maid, yet lives with more dignity than the usual ladies, what she relies on is not beauty, but instead is her head that is more wise and intelegent than that of a man’s. She does not need others to sympathize on her average appearance. What she wants is another soul of the same level as her, whom she can compete with. So, even if that man is the general of the the opponent country, even if all between them is deceits and schemes, she is still unable to not be tempted by this man. If between love and loyalty, there is only one choice, she can only hope, Chu Bei Jie’s love, is not as deep as she expects…