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Happiness of an Angel

Episodes: 22/30
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Happiness of an Angel
  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    Remake of south korea drama Thanks You. Alternative title is Angelo. Chinese title means An Angel’s Happiness. It is about a woman whose female child gets HIV. The main man is a doctor.


Chinese title: 天使的幸福
English title: Happiness of an Angel


Xiao Han, who runs a small lodge, is the prettiest girl in the little village on Hainan Island. Her humble background and lowly education makes her unconfident, yet she is still optimistic, hoping for her very own happiness. Jie Luo is the haughty son of a woman who is in command of a big business group. He was asked by his mother to help her in renovating some parts of the island, and thus lived in Xiao Han’s lodge…

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