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I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho

Episodes: 10/10
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I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
  • ……✨ D’Life ..💛…

    Aha. A psycho mainlead hm why not😂..

  • Darkness Queen

    Can’t wait for this hopefully it’s subbed

  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine


  • Paulina Księżniczka

    Kiedy pojawi się tłumaczenie?

  • Beatrice

    what days do new ep come

  • Maria Ochoa

    just wondering when does new episode comes out…thank you

  • Leticia Bravo

    where is the episode please

  • Jennifer Amato

    I wanted to know why the fourth episode is a repeat of the first episodes and not the next?

  • Leticia Bravo

    can you please fix it the episodes and put the new episode pleeeeease

  • Noorman Oktowiyani

    More episode please…

  • michoerly zhj

    In youtube you can found the ep but without subs. At least you can upload the correct one. If you want.

    • Leticia Bravo

      i try you tube but i look they have they same episodes thanks

  • Leticia Bravo

    please 4 u drama follow this drama is really good thanks

  • Claudia Ximena

    please sub the fox summer

  • mooona-kun

    I really love this im a little bit sad because it has only ten episode

  • Margie Viruet

    So,far the drama is so good I want to thank the team for subbing English


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Title: 总裁在上我在下
English title: I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho
Genre: Modern, Romance
Director:  Li Yao Bo
Broadcast Date: February 24, 2017

Zhu Nicole

Yung Yvonne

Pan Zi Jian

Ye Xiao Kai

Shi Xiao Nian is a third-rate cartoonist living an ordinary life. Until one day a rich CEO of an IT company, suffering from paranoia, captures her and asks her to return their child, which she “supposedly” gave birth to 3 years before. He utilizes every mean to force an answer and to pursue her, including low-EQ techniques. But as he faces her gentleness and courage, they fall in love…