Immutable Law of First Love

첫사랑 불변의 법칙
Episodes: 11/11
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Immutable Law of First Love

Hangul: 첫사랑 불변의 법칙
English title: Immutable Law of First Love


Sometimes it can be hard for a teacher to forget a student in more ways than one! Jong Goo (Kim Jeong Hoon) is a high school teacher who is distraught after one of his students, Yeo Ri (Song Ji Eun), disappears. Yeo Ri comes back into Jong Goo’s life as a ghost, and another student, Ha Na (Ha Eun Seol), is the only person who can see her. Can fellow teacher Hae Ju (Lee Jung Bin), who has a crush on Jong Goo, and Ha Na help Jong Goo investigate what happened to Yeo Ri? “Immutable Law of First Love” is a 2015 South Korean drama series directed by Peter Lee. It is adapted from a popular online novel by the same title.