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The Kings Woman

Episodes: 48/48
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The Kings Woman
  • Elenita Nadeau

    waiting to come The Kings woman, Gong Sun Li and Ying Zheng will be great in this drama, I love you Guys.

  • jude

    I like this drama but It would be a long wait its 2018 drama .

    • Kristine Cann

      It comes out August 14th 2017.

      • JL

        today? wowwww

  • Samsam Ali

    Dilraba dilmurat will be the main female lead
    Am actually psyched
    Can’t wait for it

  • destinycake

    watched the trailer! it looks so good! O_O

  • oppa lover

    Is it ever gonna come. I am dying waiting.

  • oppa lover

    Come on drama gods. Have mercy on my poor soul. I am tired of waiting. Is this drsma ever gonna air.

  • ZeeD

    I have been waiting for a long time for this one and I hope it gets subbed soon.!!!!!

    • Liz

      Its already subbed up to 44 …

  • Cath C (yeinyoorin)

    please updated with the episodes 4udrama’s team. u guys being left behind way too far 😑

  • Listiani Kumala Sari

    Please update the rest of episode, cant wait for dilraba dilmurat more longer~ cant resist her charm in here, and i’ve becoming her fan since the eternal love (ten miles peach blossoms) ♥♥♥


Chinese: 丽姬传
English title: The King’s Woman


The King’s Woman based on a series of novels by Sayling Wen which revolves around a fictionalized romance between Gong Sun Li, Ying Zheng and Jing Ke that begins during the Warring States Era.

The story places the heroine Gong Sun Li between two powerful figures. Ying Zheng is the Emperor of the Qin Dynasty, a formidable ruler credited for constructing The Great Wall of China yet he is not only revered but also feared for his cunning-nature and ruthlessness. Jing Ke on the other hand is known throughout history as the man who attempted to assassinate Ying Zheng.