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Martial Universe

Episodes: 0/60
Martial Universe
  • needya

    Omg new drama for yang yang can’t wait for it

  • sherry

    When start?


Martial Universe – 武动乾坤 (Wu Dong Qian Kun)
Broadcast Period: 2017

Yang Yang
Zhang Tian Ai
Wu Chun
Wang Li Kun
Dong Qing
Chen Xiao Long


This is a drama adapted from the novel of the same name by Tian Can Tu Dou. It is a story that talks about Lin Dong, a child from a small village who isn’t favored by his family. By chance, Lin Dong obtains a mysterious artifact that is coveted by many clans in the martial world. Because of this artifact, Lin Dong is approached by many people of different clans and is forcibly involved in various events of the martial universe.