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One and a Half Summer

Episodes: 27/27
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One and a Half Summer

Title: One and a Half Summer – 一又二分之一的夏天

Is your vacation personality anything like the real you? Zhang Hao (Nichkhun from 2PM) is a Chinese-American who goes on a vacation to Greece to escape pressures from his family back home to marry. In Greece, Hao meets and falls in love with the beautiful Luo Man (Xu Lu), who no sooner touches his heart but then disappears on him. Hao decides to go to China as an international student to Luo Man’s university in order to find her again. When Hao finally tracks her down, why is Luo Man a very different person than the woman he fell in love with in Greece, and why does she pretend not to know him? “One and a Half Summer” is a 2014 Chinese-Korean drama series.