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Pretty Li Hui Zhen

Episodes: 40/46
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Pretty Li Hui Zhen
  • JaLee Nya

    Ok. So this is the Chinese adaptation of the K-drama “She was pretty”. The drama was good 2 reason only: Hwang Jung-Eum and Choi Si-Won. These 2 were hillarious. Especially when interacting with each other.
    The idea was ok: the pretty popular rich girl of the school strike an unlikely friendship with the fat bullied smart boy. He has to leave the country but still has the ball to steal her first kiss at the airport :). They grow up and the boy that become now rich and hansome never forgotten the girl and he comes back to Korea and looks for her. They stayed in touch while away but never exchanged pictures. The girl is now cribbled by depts and her looks was sacrificed to favorise an harsher lifestyle. They decide to meet but on the day she hide and observe this new version of the boy mistaking her with another beautiful girl. Which is also her bestfirend. She cannot take the courage to reveale herself. The plot develop from there.
    16 episodes was well enought for all this. What are they gonna feed us with by adding an extra 24 episodes ???? Unless the episodes lenght are like 30mins? And, come one, Hwang Jung-Eum and Choi Si-Won. They were carrying the all drama. Without them it would not have been that interesting. Anywoo… Will still take a look when it comes out hein.

    • Rp07

      I totally agree with you girl or bro. She was pretty was one of the highlights of the year!! Having a Chinese version of it I’d say…..it’ll be hard to make it any better. Unless the writer is really good I mean. I really don’t want this drama to disappoint me. And I totally agree with u with the length of this drama.

    • Jskinz

      I like Hwang Jung Eum, but there was nothing spectacular about her performance or the character to me. I can see a chinese actress being able to easily have a similarly endearing performance. Choi Si Won on the other hand killed it, and his character was the perfect combo of weird and adorable. That to me is going to be the tough one to rewrite and cast. Extending the episodes will hopefully mean more exploration of side characters. I do enjoy most chinese and taiwanese drama b and c character love stories.

  • ✨✨✨….D’Life ✨✨✨

    Oh please girls what are you all talking about..Chinese drama are all about story in the story and usually they are damn good making dramas! Let me also say that Peter Sheng Yi Lun was brillant in Go princes Go… That drama was so weird and funny that i needed to watch it twice.. So let us give this poor drama a chance without judging it in advance. With regard to the Korean version which was boring and with very little content, that is only lack of Director competence to produce quality a product.. So cheer up girl/boys…………….

    • Michelle_viva®

      it’s not personal, but she was pretty was damn good. take a chill pill.

    • jude

      I watch the Korean Version she was pretty, in that drama I have the second lead syndrome. Let me try this one if its good :)) While waiting for the update of General and I.

      • ✨✨✨….D’Life ✨✨✨

        i like this one for now:-)…

        • jude

          When I started to watch a drama I want to finish it all as fast I can :))

          • 🍂💚🍂✨✨……D’✨Life …..✨✨🍂💚🍂

            How do you make it to christmas ev?:-)))))…No patience at all chingu hihi…

    • Steven Grant Rogers

      You sounded so salty lol, the original one was more coherent and paced perfectly, while for this one they drag it a lot, I don’t hate the c-drama, but saying the original korean one was boring made me laugh since this version seems to be taking almost all of the korean elements, only they add some new part to just drag the story even further

      • 🍂💚🍂✨✨……D’✨Life …..✨✨🍂💚🍂

        No no im never salty:-))) I should have put a smiley there so people understand it was writen in a funny tone. I have only had time to watch 1 episode (this one isnt my main priority right now, im to busy) and i liked it .. when i got time i will make a review if this one is better then the other:-)
        i still think that korean version was 7/10 point …

  • Go goes

    oh i cant wait for this drama. Peter Sheng Yi Lun, and literally all the cast, was phenomenal in Go Princess Go, My fav. Brilliant!!!

  • Steven Grant Rogers

    The main guy acting… he’s too robotic and stiff lol, I swear he reminded me of Jang suwon, the second lead guy is so much better than him, they should’ve switched their roles tbh

  • Carien Bouillon

    i love it, 40 episodes is just to long for the story line. beside bad dubbing here and there, it is sweet, cute, so fat enjoying it

  • JaLee Nya

    Finished watching. The 2 lead actresses were great. Love the friendship. And the extravagant editor in chief was fantastic. Always looking forward her new look. And so insightful too. I still prefer Siwon in Korean version. I felt more bitter sweet about his take on the 2nd role. More brokenhearted when his love wasn’t furfiled. I also laught more in the K version between the duo Hwang Jung-Eum and Choi Si-Won. All in all, I stick to my previous statement. How did they tricked me to watch 40 ep? 16 was enought. Otherwise same feeling for the 2: It was cute.

    • Khalisha rizky

      are the episode of 23 until 40 haven’t subbed yet?

      • JaLee Nya

        I watched it somewhere elses 😉

        • Khalisha rizky

          do you also watch memory lost? 😉

          • JaLee Nya

            I couldn’t find finished sub anywhere. Waiting…

  • Chatelaineces

    Without having watched this drama yet, I think She Was Pretty (Korean original) is a tough act to follow. Hwang Jung Eum is one of those rare actresses that can pan comedy and melodrama without any sweat. Dilraba Dilmurat is a classic beauty and that may be her undoing in a role that requires an actress to transform from quirky and weird to a pretty face. She also does not have the comedic timing and moxie that Hwang Jung Eum has. I watched her in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom in a role I feel perfect for her, as an errant Princess. She is cute, feisty and headstrong but not laugh-out-loud funny and slapstick. The lead role needs a lead actress who is naturally hilarious, has a chameleon face with very strong acting chops. Choi Si Won’s character also transformed in She Was Pretty. He began as a footloose happy-go-lucky writer in the magazine to a successful best seller author in the end. To my mind he owned that role. The Korean original is also compact at 16 well designated episodes that kept a fast pace consistent with a comedy. With all these in mind, I hope I can keep an open mind as I view the first few episodes of this Cdrama.



Title: 漂亮的李慧珍 / Piao Liang De Li Hui Zhen
English title: Pretty Li Hui Zhen (temp)
Genre: Comedy, Modern
Director:  Zhao Yi Ying
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date: Jan 2, 2017

Adaptation Drama: She Was Pretty 그녀는 예뻤다

Dilraba Dilmurat

Peter Sheng Yi Lun

Nikki Lee

Vin Zhang Bin Bin

Wang Yi Nan

Wang Xiao

Faye Wang Yi Fei

Ren Wei