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Rule the World

Episodes: 45/46
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Rule the World
  • Shinlili

    Sounds promising, cannot wait! ♥

    • Shinlili

      After watching raw till now when they finally put in some subbing. It does not seem like a time-travel drama at all. Just about some random writer who writes herself as a princess in the old time Chinese custom. Have not found any link whatsoever that sends her back in time.

      • They had to cut out any notion of time travel because it’s been banned. An odd thing about time travel dramas being disrespectful and a way to distort history as wanted. Honestly that’s the whole point of a mostly fictional show but, eh. At least the whole show wasn’t cancelled.

        • Shinlili

          Ahhh… Okay I see, thanks for the info ^-^

  • destinycake

    I like time travel stories! ^^
    I hope it is good (and not too tragic)!! 🙂

  • Shanar★

    i want to watch this one ! i hope it will be sub!!!🤠

  • Jeo Shan Drama Libangan

    pls can u put eng subb.

  • Josey Wales

    no time travel at all…. disappointed.


Chinese title: 独步天下
English title: Rule the World
Also Known as: Du Bu Tian Xia


It tells the story of a woman who travels 400 years into the body of Dong Ge, the most beautiful woman in the land, yet she is born with a curse that can make or break a nation. Can a woman from the modern times learn to adapt to a new life and a new romance? Can she escape what’s been written in history?