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Ruler: Master of the Mask

군주:가면의 주인
Episodes: 0/40
Ruler: Master of the Mask
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Ruler: Master of the Mask – 군주:가면의 주인

Yoo Seung Ho will play historical figure Crown Price Lee Sun.
Kim So Hyun will play lead female character Lee Ga-Eun
L (Infinite) as Lowest Class Lee Sun

Duration: 30 min.


In the 1700’s, Crown Prince Lee Sun (Yoo Seung-Ho) fights against Pyunsoo hwe. Pyunsoo hwe is an organization that has accumulated power and wealth through privatizing water all over Joseon. Crown Prince Lee Sun becomes a hope for the people who suffers. Ga-Eun is the woman Crown Prince Lee Sun loves and she helps him grow as a ruler.