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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love)

Episodes: 58/58
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Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love)
  • _Maaknae__

    pls start subbingggg

    • JaLee Nya

      Unless they can see in the futur that is not going to happened before the drama air. And that is the 30th January! PDR !!! lol

  • ibCherryBanxxx

    sub sub sub

  • Elenita Nadeau

    one of the beautifull drama i ever seen, scenery,actor and actress the custume are great, Love they performance, great to share to a friend, Thanks so much for english sub

    • tnguy

      Except this is 10 miles of peach blossom?

    • Liz

      Very well said my friend…very well said…i also recommend the drama General and I…😀😀😀

  • Elenita Nadeau

    waiting to watch Eternal Love, English Sub please

  • fettuccinic

    Anxiously waiting, here!

  • Ina

    Dear admin,thanks for upload these drama,please make english subs, thanks in advance ! another great drama beside General & I .

  • vivek singh

    what a joke ahhh though she is disguised herself as male her boobs are more out than other girls stupid Chinese directors according to them males in china have boobs

    • Amethyst

      Zhe Yan casted a spell to transform her into a male. To the others, she’s a male. What would you have the director do? Cast a real male when she’s Si Yin and turn away viewers from the drama? Think before you make such silly comment.

      • vivek singh

        listen if she is disguised as male disguised should be perfect its should not be like some guy disguised as female start showing his penis or you mean she has been casted by spell so hole world in the serial cant see her bobbies but viewer can see and i see Chinese directors most stupid ones even nowdays they can find enough money to spend on making serials but cant handle basic details

        • Amethyst

          Most viewers would not even be bothered. What would you have her do? Bind her boobs? Since Chinese directors are stupid, why do you even bother to watch Chinese drama? Go watch Korean dramas. Oh I forgot, even Korean directors are stupid too. Girls dressed as boys are presumed to be boys in Korean dramas too! *Cough* Moonlight Drawn by Clouds and Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Maybe you shouldn’t come here and watch Chinese and Korean dramas, go watch whatever dramas your country is producing and stop insulting others.

          • vivek singh

            haaa you are nobody too tell me what drama too watch I will watch whatever I want too watch and I will give my critics there are good even very good directors in china but 100 out of 90 are bad. Bind her boobs her boobs haaa yes off course bind it if plot and story demands it stupid. you cant take Si Yin if some story need jacky chan or jet lee and vice versa if chines Chinese makeup professional are so bad cant do proper job then select flat chested actress she must be good but that dosent mean she could be taken to do any kind of role just for sake of viewer like her. with her boobies just pointing out she was with immortals with thousands of years and these immortals who are suppose to be far superior than humans cant see her boobies so it makes this storyline worse my comments are not against actor actress. I watch all kind of series that why I say most Chinese directors are stupid and don’t think logically Koreans too but there are still very very good directors also in china and korea

          • kim yoon jun

            First of all how do you know that 100 out of 90 are bad? What is 100 out of 90, it’s not even a such thing. You better get your mathematics correct. If you are in high school then you suck in math and have improper grammars. Plus, her bust sticks out because she is wearing tight clothes. In her region, they are wearing feminine like clothing. For instance, when she was in the battle with Mo yuan, she wore not tight clothes and armory and her bust didn’t stick out. It’s not about her appearance on camera, it’s about in the drama that since she has a man disguise, they have to feel if she has a male or female aura. Another example is when Li Jing saw her, he didn’t realize she was a female until he saw through her disguise and felt aura that she was a female. Their makeup is bad because the drama is 58 episodes, they don’t want to waste time on perfect makeup. Most Korean dramas are very short, have the time to take their time on makeup perfection and editing such a short amount of episodes. Your just not trying to get in trouble at the last two lines that Chinese and Korean directors are very good even though you had the whole conversation on how they were so bad. hahahah….

          • vivek singh

            @kim yoon jun What is 100 out of 90, it’s not even a such thing are you fucking kid or are you so dull going out of topic and talking about maths and grammer which is not so important here as I am not giving any exam 100 out of 90 clearly giving indication to percentage that is 90% bad 10% good if you are so dull don’t come into discussion watch Snow Lotus Korean ….and see how female can look near to male the whole point was why Chinese and Korean directors cant handle filming their drama properly even though their storylines are good.

          • vivek singh

            @kim yoon jun “it’s not even a such thing ” is it a proper grammer you have mistake in every lines pointing out every mistake will just make this reply very long and your grammer and maths dosent concern me because you are not topic of discussion guys like you suck

          • Lucy

            It’s a good thing you don’t get paid as a drama critic or else we would have to set you up with a gofundme page and wish you luck!

    • ever

      guess you need to make your own show then and let’s see how better you will be. it is said she is enchanted…meaning making others think he is male but she is not…some can see through it but others don’t. CONGRATULATIONS….you are one of those who can see through the magic.

  • AyinShi

    Admin..english sub please…thank you 🙂

  • Kaoru Matsubara

    when said 70,0000 thousand yr. so 90,0000 thousand yr each character have different age so a drama is base novel chines so recommendation ready first .ye hua have 70,0000 thousand yr old and SUSU have 90,0000 thousand yr.old both good one realm human and ye HUa heaven

  • Melanie Salazar

    Really enjoying this Drama Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, both General & I and this rate 10+ Stars and have to say it’s Definitely Definitely a MUST WATCH!!! Thank you for quickly getting the English Sub version on these episodes. You’re hard work is greatly appreciated. 🙂

  • Bkay

    Fantastic drama, i will miss you

  • Leticia Bravo

    this is drama really got my heart a lot emotions and happing ending

  • Roh Laren

    One of the best ‘fantasy’ dramas I’ve ever watched. I can’t take my eyes away from the 2 leading actors. Mark Zhou & Yang Mi are exploding their chemistry all over the place, and I for one, have been caught in this web of checking for eng. subs every other hour, knowing full well, it’s a slow process!. I thank the subbers, & the web site for producing such a well stocked library to appease my angst of waiting for this. I humbly bow in respect!…lol…

  • Jess Wel

    Please update English sub for episode 43 to 58. So addicted to this drama. Thanks.

  • dulce balsamo

    ..this drama sets the bar high for dramas- good writer, good director and great casts. the first family has good chemistry. Ali is the cutest, Bai Quian and Ye Hua are the best! All actors are good in portraying their roles (except for the celestial Lord who is often bland (thats my opinion only).
    ..the love story between Quian Quian and Ye Hua is true to the title “Eterna Love” – rain or shine, good times and bad times, and in whatever lifetime its there! Beautiful! ..and whats best is that this drama has a happy ending!!
    ..if you havent watched this drama, what are you waiting for? :))))

  • sherry

    Nice drama
    Lately i seem to enjoy non korean dramas.
    My favorites are:
    1. Nirvana in Fire
    2. Just one smile is very alluring a.k.a love 020
    3. General and i
    4. Ten miles of peach blossom
    5. Lan lingWang
    6. Autum concerto
    7. Boss and i

    These are some mastermind dramas in my opinion

    • Yami Nae

      I AGREE
      THE BEST

  • jude

    4udrama I will make a request please upload and subs Upcoming Korean Drama 2017 “A coffee to go”
    Starring; Kim So Hyun and Park Shin Hye❤️❤️ thank you!

  • Caroline Yang

    What happened to all the episodes??? They were all loaded up and now there gone?

  • Liz

    Mark Chao has an upcoming movie “Midnight Dinner” but sorry folks..its not my cup of tea…the plot is about a young girl and he cannot talk in the movie…..think ill just watch Ruler …or Princess agents…😀😀😀


Title: 三生三世,十里桃花 / Sān shēng sānshì shílǐ táohuā
English title: Three Lives Three Worlds Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, Ten Great III of Peach Blossom (aka Eternal Love)
Genre: Ancient, Fiction, Melodrama

Broadcast Date: January 30, 2017

Yang Mi
Mark Zhao
Ken Chang
Alan Yu
Zhang Binbin


Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) is based on a novel by Tang Qi. It is directed by Yu Cui Hua and Ren Hai Tao. The drama will debut on Jiangsu TV and Dragon TV starting January 30, 2017. It will air for 58 episodes. In the later parts of the original story, Dilraba Dilmurat and Zhe Yan’s characters assume the role of leads, thus explaining the choice of casting relatively known actors in side characters. The novel is also being adapted into a movie, tentatively titled Once Upon a Time, which will air in Summer 2017 with a different cast.

The extended cast for Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms (aka Eternal Love) includes Yang Mi as Bai Qian / Si Yin / Su Su, Mark Chao as Ye Hua / Mo Yuan / Liu Ying, Dilraba Dilmurat as Feng Jiu, Ken Chang as Zhe Yan, Alan Yu as Bai Zhen, Zhang You Hao as Mi Gu, Li En Sheng as Bi Fang, Gao Wei Guang as Dong Hua, Wang Xiao as Si Ming, Vengo Gao as Emperor Dijun, James Li as Lian Song, Wang Ting as Cheng Yu, Maggie Huang as Su Jin, Wayne Liu as Zi Lan, Lion Lai Yi as Die Feng, Ryan Zhang He as Ling Yu, Joshua Song as Mo Yuan’s 2nd disciple, Nili Telong as Mo Yuan’s 10th disciple, Zhang Bin Bin as Li Jing, Zhu Xu Dan as Xuan Nv, Lian Yi Ming as Qing Cang, Dai Si as Princess Yan Zhi, Du Jun Ze as Li Yuan, Huang Tian Qi as Fire Phoenix, Hummer Zhang as Ah Li, Yang An Qi as Nai Nai, Guo Meng as Liu Ying’s father and An Yue Xi as Shao Xin.