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A Seven-Faced Man

Episodes: 30/38
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A Seven-Faced Man
  • Kill Me Heal Me was so good so im interested in watching this Chinese version once it is uploaded

  • Armani Stoner

    I am in if it is as good as Kill Me Heal Me

  • Nari

    i was interested in it but was going to save it for later but when i read “remake based on the k-drama kill me heal me” i’ll definitly give it a try right now! lol


Native title: 柒个我
English title: A Seven-Faced Man
Aka: Qi Ge Wo, Give Me Love, Seven of Me

Bai Xin Xin (Elvira Cai) is a first-year medical intern who crosses paths with Shen Yi Zhen (Zhang Yi Shan), a man from a wealthy family. When Xin Xin is roped into becoming the personal attending physician for Yi Zhen, she doesn’t understand what she signed up for until it’s too late.

And A Seven-Faced Man/ Seven of Me (柒个我) is a chinese remake based on the k-drama Kill Me Heal Me starring Ji Sung