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The Negotiators

Episodes: 0/40
The Negotiators
  • Maria Ochoa

    When is this drama coming out..

    • Tats*LOVES*Pot


  • jude

    I like Yang Mi hope this drama will be good :))


Chinese title: 谈判官 / Tan Yi Guan
English title: Negotiators


Dou Qiao is a genius negotiator who is the star of the US-China Business Council. Male lead Xie Xiaofei also works as a negotiator, but is actually the sole heir of a wealthy Chinese-American corporation who wants nothing to do with the family business. He vents his frustrations on Dou Qiao, though their bickering relationship soon takes a romantic turn. The couple separates after Dou Qiao discovers the Xie Family had a hand in her parents’ deaths, only to meet several years later as negotiators of rival firms.