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The Endless Love (2017)

Episodes: 32/32
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The Endless Love (2017)
  • a.c.a.

    waiting for eng sub

  • a.c.a.

    i love this drama but i cant understand it… hope that you can eng sub it….

  • Norberto Aclan

    waiting for subtitle…..

  • fitrina sriwid

    Oohhh sub title where r u…


Native title: 路从今夜白 / Lu Cong Jin Ye Bai
English title: The Endless Love (2017)

The young gifted painter Gu Ye Bai (Chen Ruo Xuan) is affected by a mental disease, to him, the world has lost all its colors. While preparing for an international arts competition, an accident happens that makes him worried a lot. At this time, he gets to know the cute and amiable sunshine Lu You Yan (An Yue Xi). She will help him heal his mind and fight for his dream of becoming a recognized painter.