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The Legend Of Dugu

Episodes: 0/50
The Legend Of Dugu
  • Iqrah Saeeda

    like the cover page, waiting for it

  • sophia

    when does this come out

    • Von Williams

      I found this information The Legend of Dugu 独孤天下 is a Chinese palace drama set near the end of the Northern Zhou where a prophecy bearing the words ‘Du Gu Tian Xia’ spreads across the lands. It translates literally to alone in the world, which insinuates that the Du Gu family is destined to conquer the world.

      The Du Gu household has three talented and stunningly beautiful women and the focus will be on the youngest Du Gu Jia Luo. The series stars Hu Bing Qing as the titular lead and also includes Zhang Dan Feng, Ady An, Jeremy Tsui and Ying Hao Ming.

  • Mizha

    I hope there will be someone to update this page..looks interesting..can’t wait for the episodes to be upload 🙂


Chinese title: 独孤天下
English title: The Legend Of Dugu


Huang Xiao Ming
Tong Li Ya
Liu Hao Ran
Wu Hao Chen
Sun Chun
Mei Ting