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Tiger, Gibbon, Deer

เสือ ชะนี เก้ง
Episodes: 26/26
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Tiger, Gibbon, Deer

Tum (Kangsom) a nice guy, he was a lover, bought the apartment with a plan to get married, but not to go to where the stone was removed, more continuous family he was unhappy, parents divorce, his mistress husband chasing his sister had left his child … Too boring, Tum decision became a lady-killer.

Chatri (Aof) was a gay man, but he pretended to be a boy straight because family was very strict, he was doing it in the army, before going to his new study revealed the fact that he was gay Tum. Later renamed Cheetah Chatri.

Oil (Ying) parents died in a traffic accident on her 12th grade year, so she live for the present because she herself understands that impermanence. She studied a year should have the opportunity to meet new and Cheetah Tum.

Tum trio of friends, Cheetah and share a condo Oil inadvertently create situations half crying, half laughing. Watching “Tiger, Gibbon, Deer” Full Engsub on 4udrama