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Touch Me (Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni)

Episodes: 16/32
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Touch Me (Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni)
  • 콩빈

    looking forward for this and may it have a happy ending!

  • Nari

    Omg !! finally i loved the webtoon can’t wait for the drama + i love this actress

  • JT Mae Merciales

    Oh my god!!!! I loved the Webtoon !! I’m so freaking excited ! !!

  • jlbbmt10

    Awesome WEBTOON. I do wish it was a Kdrama instead tho.

    • Dangerdude

      nope u r simply not well acquainted with c drama, they can also do equally good job

      • jlbbmt10

        Hmmm I’ve been watching C Dramas since 2012 the same time I started watching Kdrama and Lakorn’s. However it’s just my opinion that Kdramas exceed all the other Asian Dramas.

        • Roh Laren

          Lakorn’s are definitely less quality in every aspect of the dramas they produce. C-dramas are very good, but like a Asian dramas, you pick and choose your favorites, and that can be a combo of all Asian films.

  • Cindy Ngo

    How was this adapted into a Chinese drama before a Korean Drama? Come on South Korea!

    • sammy

      ikr lol

  • kdramaperks

    OMG! I actually read the webtoon, and I had no idea they’re making a drama out of it. so excited!

  • aeriseu

    my fav actress.. oh yeahhh!!

  • 124RAJAT 2;ND

    when will ep 15 release in sub


    Pleaseeeeeee Uploadddd


Native title:无法拥抱的你
English title: Touch Me
Aka: Wu Fa Yong Bao De Ni, I cannot Hug You, I can not embrace you

Xing Zhao Lin
Zhang Yu Xi

It’s a modern fantasy Cdrama adapted from Korean comics, UnTouchable, illustrated by massstar, starring Xing Zhao Lin (The Eternal Love) and Zhang Yu Xi (My Little Princess) as the main OTP. Our heroine’s a beautiful modern-day vampire who survives by absorbing energy through touching other human beings. HA. Vampires are so refined nowadays, no more neck biting? And he’s the gorgeous germaphobe who just moves in next door.