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U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet (2016)

ตอน ธีสิส
Episodes: 4/4
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U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet (2016)
  • cindykim

    when will the 2nd episode comes in?

  • phing

    where can i download all episodes???


U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet: One rainy day, Thesis and Swy met, he a lover of rain, her opposite. Great friends! They turned, but due to fear Swy rain, Thesis could not enjoy what he likes with the person he loves most, at that time, a promise was made: to protect Swy of all that hurt even when the same this being damaged, but … can he keep it ? Please note that this information may not be complete. Some dramas can change date or name before its release.

U Prince Series: The Gentle Vet compilation of drama is based on the book of greater Thai sale. This book includes 13 series (12 stories + an exclusive book) love stories represent 12 school-age children from different schools in an international university. Each book focuses on the experience of a guy, and the story of their friendship will go through the whole book.


Kang Vorakorn as Thesis
Sutatta Udomsilp as Swy Si

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