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Ugly Girl – Hai Ru Hua

Episodes: 35/35
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Ugly Girl – Hai Ru Hua
  • Bonnie

    would LOVE to watch this… can’t wait until it’s subbed:)

  • Show Nu

    Does anybody know the synopsis of this?

  • veji ta

    Here’s quick intro of the drama based on the first 18 episodes (season 1?): This is the story of a plucky and enterprising girl, Hai Ru Hua, who’s doing her best to support herself and her younger brother in art school. They’ve lost their parents and only have each other. Her brother has a heart problem so Ru Hua has taken responsibility for making ends meet for both of them. She does like a hundred different kinds of part-time jobs while running errands for her classmates for a fee and selling anything and everything. One day, while sneaking into her brother’s dorm room, she sees her brother’s new roommate while he’s fresh out of the shower and quite nekkid (hehe). The guy couldn’t let go of this embarassing encounter and his endless bickering relationship with Ru Hua begins as they start making each other’s lives difficult (but exciting).

    The actress playing Ru Hua is Xuan Nu, Demon Tribe Queen, in Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms. And the lead actor played Mo Yuan’s eldest disciple, Die Feng. They’re both so good-looking and act really well so I finished all 18 eps of Hai Ru Hua in one day.

    • Bonnie

      argh,thanks…. I really need subs, haha…. and I don’t see the drama anywhere else either.. I want to watch this pretty badly, h:)

    • August Andrew

      oh wow thanks 4 the info. i got excited when you said the actor who played Die Feng is here! he’s hella hot in 10 miles of peach blossom!

  • Alizey Khan

    Hope u subbed this drama 😕😕😂😂

  • June Cera

    English subtitles please…

  • Lulu

    I want to watch this so bad I hope it can get subtitled soon hopefully

  • Nishika Herath

    Pllllllleeeeeease sub this drama! I really want to watch this!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kari Brewer

    sub please

  • JaLee Nya

    Thank you for starting subbing this 🙂

  • Dokiel Ixtar

    English Subs please


Chinese title: 囧女翻身之嗨如花
English title: Ugly Girl – Hai Ru Hua, Hai Ru hua!!