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With You

Episodes: 13/24
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With You
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    Dropping a comment here so I don’t forget the name of the drama

    • one more episode please

      ME TOO LOL

  • 4everYoungAnn

    when will this start?and heres goes to more waiting for eng sub


Chinese title: 最好的我们
English title: With You

When Geng Geng enters Zhen Hua High School, she is seated next to top student Yu Huai. While she’s struggling with homework and exams, she suddenly also gets a new mom and younger brother. After entering Zhen Hua High School however, her lonely life comes to an end. With new friends on her side, especially Yu Huai, she lives through the three years till graduation. Suddenly after graduation, the boy she cameto like disappears. When she meets Yu Huai again, will she choose the love she could never forget or will she choose Lu Xing He who pursued her all these years?