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You are My Destiny

Episodes: 17/17
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You are My Destiny
  • Paulina

    When will the first episode appear?

  • Masni Ng

    Wondering when this drama will start….

  • Rose Lazaro

    Waiting for episode 9 😄

    • angel

      for the kings funeral no new tv episodes will air in October in Thailand lakorns will resume regular schedule in November

      • Lina Nabila

        so we have to wait until november?

      • Rose Lazaro

        Oh i see, thanks for the info.. 😊

  • Virginia Villavicencio

    hola porfa cuando el capitulo nueve

  • Virginia Villavicencio

    hola el drama esta guaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Thailand title: เธอคือพรหมลิขิต
English title: You are My Destiny


Pawut is the successor to a large company. Wanida is a secretary in a law firm. They both go on the same cruise, with Pawut planning to propose to Kaekai, his girlfriend, and Wanida planning on losing her virginity to her boyfriend. However, Wanida ended up taking cold medicine which made her drowsy and accidentally went to Pawut’s hotel room, while he was drugged. They spent the night together. Three months later,Wanida finds out that she is pregnant.