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A Stray Goat (Nunbal) movie

Episodes: 1/1
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A Stray Goat (Nunbal) movie
  • Ivana SaRang

    The movie is very sad, though a bit confusing by the end, but when all summarized it’s obvious what happened. I recommend it, because it portrays the defective sides of our society which we refuse to see.


Title : A Stray Goat
Romanization : Nunbal
Hangul : 눈발
Also known as : Snow Flurry
Director : Jo Jae Min
Production Company : Myung Films

“Nunbal” is the story of a boy, Min Sik, who transfers to a small village in Gyeongnam and falls for a girl in his class, Yeju (played by Ji Woo).

The film will have its world premiere at the 17th Jeonju International Film Festival as a part of the “Jeonju Cinema Project 2016.” The film is receiving a lot of interest, with tickets for all showings already sold out, including those for the premiere.