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  • simplegal88

    Beautifully written and produced. Passing thru life, sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t.

  • wolf_girl

    I saw this in the cinema and am excited to see it here. This is a truly beautiful and touching story of family, friends and love. And how sometimes special people can impact the lives of those surrounding them.

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    Wow! What a movie!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

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Chinese title: 从你的全世界路过
English title: I Belonged to You


Yang Yang
Deng Chao
Bai Bai He
Zhang Tian Ai


I Belonged To You is a romance omnibus of mini love stories adapted from Zhang Jiajia’s best-selling internet “bedtime stories” novel of the same name. Chen Mo (Deng Chao), is known as the cheapest person in the whole city. Every day he will battle against DJ Xiao Rong (Du Juan). No one knows where their hate comes from. Chen Mo’s two little brothers, whether it is the silliest Zhu Tou (Yue Yun Peng) or the city’s most innocent Mo Shi Ba (Yang Yang), the three people all go on rampages daily, thinking that they can all live freely, but the result is that they all hit the greatest turning point of their lives. Chen Mo meets the mysterious Yao Ji (Zhang Tianai), Zhu Tou creates the worst wedding of all time, Mo Shi Ba experiences the saddest parting. These people’s lives reveal things little by little. Dreams, love, friendship all go far away. They have already lost their own paths, until they hear a voice from around the world.

(Source: wiki)