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  • destinycake

    ProductiveProcrastinator already subbed ep 2! 😉

    • ZeeD

      I know she had a preview already subbed for ep 3 but the ep still not up yet.

  • destinycake

    Great episode! Fun drama! <3
    Hope all episodes get subbed soon!! I'm so curious!! xD

  • Momilkie

    Page not found? was it deleted?

  • Here is a synopsis from soompi

    Tang Yin, is a simple and kind-hearted girl who is full of hope for the future. She sets foot to a southern island but gets accidentally involved in a gang’s fight with the police.
    In the shadow of the gang, death, Tang Yin brave face a variety of setbacks in a variety of suspense cases black trading background, Tang India still maintained his girl heart. The final Tang Yin and pick up in the face of common difficulties to become dependent on each other, the two become male and female friends

  • I hope this this drama has a decent ending as I am liking it very much but have become afraid of watching endings due to PAgents.
    Thank you 4udrama for allowing us to watch these drama from a different part of the world

  • sammy

    i loved her in “the journey” so of course i’m watching this because of her. she’s now my favourite chinese actress. i love her good nature and care free spirit. very refreshing.


Title: Cambrian Period