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  • shuurei

    a good start for the show

  • Kim K

    Not subbed

  • airisu

    it’s here!!!I hope it’s good, been waiting for this drama in a long while~

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    It can be hard to take seriously the kung fu of underweight china actresses who look unhealthy. For asians, normal bmi is about 18 to 22.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    China actors and actresses probably should get enough sleep every day to avoid eye bags.

    • Liz Llanes

      Buwahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂hahabuwahaha….very well said my friend…al i can see in the screen are their eyebags…..buwahahaha😂😂😂😂😂

  • dulce balsamo

    ..woaah.. girl power! thanks, [email protected], for the upload! this will fill in the void that Quian Quian and Ye Hua have left in my life:)

    • Debbie Turcios Avalo

      It’s been way too long and lonely with out ye his:(!!!!!

    • Gohjoyy Yi Yang

      I know!!! But this drama is quickly gonna leave a hole in me too lol.

      • dulce balsamo

        ..yup, i know what you mean! same here..

  • michoerly zhj

    I like it! it seems fun.

  • Liz Llanes

    Cruelty…cruelty and more cruelty are the thing that this drama imply……and its 60 episodes of cruelty……😠😠😠😠😣😣😣😣😳😳😳😤😤😤

  • Mizha

    Wow…awesome episode..and I want more!

  • oppa lover

    A little birdie told me this drama is worth my while. Time to see if the little birdie is correct or she will end up on my dinner table.
    So looking forward to this.

    • Ms. Kimchi

      Tell me if its any good. The internet reviews said it is too cruel. Umm…if its like other historical drams I should be fine.

      • oppa lover

        I will watch it and give you feedback. Goodnight kimchi darling.

        • Ms. Kimchi

          Goodnight Oppie dear 😘

          • oppa lover

            This one aint for the faint hearted kimchi darling or else you will drop it like a hot potato. Its soo…….exciting,it made my heart pound and blood rushed to my head. I think i am in love.

          • Ms. Kimchi

            Jumbal!! Hmm….then I should give it a try. If its too difficult to watch, I’ll use my heavenly power of hand on cursor. 😝 Thanks for the review…m gonna watch a few episodes for sure.

          • oppa lover

            After watching up to ep 12 I am back with a more positive review. Its not as bad as the reviews say. Yeah they are some pretty horrendous scenes but believe me its not that bad. If its something oppa lover can watch without deploying the ‘heavenly power of hand on cursor’ ten trust me its not that bad. I am enjoying it chingu. And the male lead and the 2nd and the rest of the princes don’t make me start. The vile villain prince is kinda cute . I love his smirk. And you know the thing with Asian bodyguards…….I will not go there.
            So in a nutshell try it…

          • Ms. Kimchi


          • oppa lover

            I hope you will like it too…

          • Beeso Sham

            hope so ….

          • oppa lover

            I just hope she wont fall in love and become an airhead that would totally kill the drama.

  • oppa lover

    This drama is not for the faint hearted. Either you shape up or you ship out.
    I am in love with this.😍😍😍

    • usui perverted alien

      me too! i’m in love with this drama too!

      • oppa lover

        I was very hesitant after going through its reviews. I got the impression that its dark and somehow disturbing. It turns out its nothing i cant handle. I am glad i followed my gut and started it.

        • usui perverted alien

          i know right. last time i get so hype to watch general and i but it doesn’t delivered well and i stop watch it. i swear that i will stop watching cdrama for the time being but luckily i give this drama a chance and freaking love it! it’s so rare to watch the heroin so badass. XD

          • oppa lover

            G & I went cold when love messed up miss bai ‘s head. She went from sexy intelligent strategist to a total bimbo and i hate bimbos the most. That drama had so much potential. I loved the book even more maybe if they stuck to the book a bit more it wouldn’t have been so bad.

        • simplegal88

          If you can survive Journey of Flowers, this is a pc of cake like a mini-JOF.

          • oppa lover

            A piece of cake i am loving. I hope our badass heroine will not go all stupid and a puddle head when she falls in love. I hate it when a good drama goes to waste especially after a love interest . Who says a heroine must always fall in love.

          • simplegal88

            She’s like the new ” Teflon” lady, she survives everything. Did you watch Rookie Agent Rogue?

          • oppa lover

            Ha ha ha ‘Teflon lady’ nice one. No I didn’t watch it. What is it about?

          • simplegal88

            Not as deep as The Disquier but pretty good. She was recruited as a spy due to her talents. It’s well written, you will be constantly at edge of seat and chewing your nails but she pulls thru every time at the last moment.

          • oppa lover

            Thank you chingu i am going to watch that… 😊

  • aisyah live

    Hi..thank you for uploading..been loving this drama so much..where can i find my own yuwen yue..😂😂😍

  • Vangie

    Finally I got something interesting to watch after Pearl Blossoms. Ye Hua’s voice is also Lin Gengxin here.

  • VictoriaAnne22

    Jeez, I really didn’t expect to enjoy this so much, but that hunting game… wow really messed up

  • Antonio Cativo

    These drama is really cool u need to have a brave heart 🙂

  • Lucy

    Zhao Liying is such a badass. She is definitely P.O.P >>>power of the pussy<<< Militia!!!

  • Barbara Edwards

    Can’t see engsub titles blurry!!!!!

  • Gem Hernandez

    Excited everyday, thanks again 4udrama.. more power

  • Kristine Cann

    Need to be a little quicker with the translation lol

  • Ellane Jumadi

    I cn’t wait next episode i’m going to crazy aboit this drama😘😘😘

  • Ellane Jumadi

    Episode 38 when relaese….?

  • Ellane Jumadi

    Episode 38 please admin

  • Gohjoyy Yi Yang

    Sooooo dose she not want to remember who she is?

  • Kevin Leo Cabtalan

    why i cant watch any drama here plss help me

  • Alexandra Conrié Litchman

    Oh Boy !!! I love this drama. It’s killing me to wait three days every week for news episodes. Please sub the 44 even if it’s the TV version. It’s a real torture to see it but I can’t understand what they say. PLEASEEEEEEE sub it.

  • Masni Ng

    why it take too long for episode 44 eng sub????? dying here!!! love this drama so much!!

  • Fams Touray

    Is there no English version of this drama? I can’t understand Chinese, need help!!!

    • 4udrama

      This drama has been updated English subtitle. You can watch it 😉


Title: 楚乔传 a.k.a. (11处特工皇妃) / Tègōng huáng fēi chǔ qiáo chuán
English title: Princess Agents
Also know as: Chu Qiao Chuan, Te Gong Huang Fei, Chu Qiao Zhuan
Genre: Ancient, Action
Director: Wújǐnyuán
Episodes: 58
Broadcast Date: 2017

With TV Version
In the June: This drama will release from Monday to Thursday at China and every day has two episodes
With Uncut Version:
The number episodes for every day: unknown


Adapted from the novel titled 11处特工皇妃 (11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei / Queen of No. 11 Agent) by Xiao Xiang Dong Er 潇湘冬儿, the story revolves around an agent who is killed in action and time-travels into the body of a slave girl during the Xia Dynasty. During the Warring Period, the Western Wei enslaved large numbers of civilians. The slave girl, Chu Qiao ( Zhao Li Ying), was thrown into the forest as a hunting target for rich lords. Through many trials and circumstances, she caught the attention of Zhuge Yue (Lin Geng Xin). Together, they tear down the slavery system.


Zhao Liying
Lin Gengxin
Dou Xiao
Deng Lun
Li Qin
Kan Qingzi
Niu Junfeng