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  • Elizabeth Guzman Martin O’Brie

    Love this drama please sub …

  • jude

    I love this drama is a good one :))

  • Von Williams

    thank you!!!!!!

  • Shaasha Shashi

    Thanks for the sub. Waited for so long for the drama to be subbed. Hope you will sub the rest soon

  • Kristine1010

    just ep 5? wheres our 2,3,nd 4? too many new chinese dramas popping and i cant watch nor understand.. I think i need to get a chinese boyfrnd so he could translate everytime I watch.. joke.. lol but seriously this is one of the series im interested in. hmmmm… i think every minute im refreshing the site.. Sub pls.. on bended knees…

  • Savy Somphous

    Love This drama so much
    love luhan

  • shuurei

    it seems promising, the CGI is really well done as well as costumes and landscapes.

  • WhyteSirene

    Sad, her letters won’t reach him due to the barrier. @[email protected]

  • sumone

    no sub for 23-25 🙁

  • dunesme

    thank you for subbing but it is funny that we often have many unsubbed gaps like now between episodes 22 & 26 🙂

  • Ainn

    please fix the sub for 31 and 32 episodes.

  • ZeeD

    What happened to ep 32?

  • ZeeD

    We are stuck on ep 48.

  • ZeeD

    Why are we still stuck at ep 48??? Finish this drama, please so I can move on! Thanks!


Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记


Fourteen years old orphan Chen Changsheng (Luhan) leaves his town and goes to find a remedy for his sick master. With a marriage arrangement paper in hand, he arrives to the God’s town and will meet both good and bad people. Will he be able to successfully prevents a war from happening and to find true love?