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  • Savy Somphous

    sub pls


    why is it that episode 5 has sub,,, while 2-4 hasn’t? pleases sub the rest of the episode…. thankz much

  • Kristine1010

    thank u.. keep refreshing this cause i saw ep.5 sub. now where back on business.. 3 & 4 next..please.. subber thank you for the effort.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Ping Li

    at 31:42 minute mark, Ming Jian butterfly tea does not mean Ming Dynasty butterfly tea, it means pre QingMing, in this case pre QingMing festival harvest (first tea harvest of the year, most tender green tea leaves) butterfly tea

  • Ping Li

    教Jiào宗 zōng does not translate to pope unless it is the Catholic religion, translation should be religious master

  • 張芸興

    subb the rest please :;


Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记


Fourteen years old orphan Chen Changsheng (Luhan) leaves his town and goes to find a remedy for his sick master. With a marriage arrangement paper in hand, he arrives to the God’s town and will meet both good and bad people. Will he be able to successfully prevents a war from happening and to find true love?