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  • sophia

    Aaaaaawww he promised her he would make sure she would go home, even though he cant fulfill that promise he wasn’t going to let her be trapped and be doomed like he was, he was going to set her free as much as possible. He is such a noble man !!! If only there were men like this now in the real world !

  • Jenny

    can upload the rest of the episode? I really love it

  • Casaf

    Subs not working

  • juri.jurgen

    fix the subs pls!

    • 4udrama

      We have fixed it. You can check it again.
      Many thanks for your report

      • juri.jurgen

        nice ty!

  • Barbara Curtis

    The drama has the SUB sign for episode 30 but it doesn’t appear to have English subs? Am I doing something wrong?

    • dulce balsamo

      ..youre not alone! subs not working in my end, too! been here 3x already since yesterday when they posted this has been subbed but cc is not working! .. geeez.. pls fix the sub, guys, putakhamnida:)


Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记


Fourteen years old orphan Chen Changsheng (Luhan) leaves his town and goes to find a remedy for his sick master. With a marriage arrangement paper in hand, he arrives to the God’s town and will meet both good and bad people. Will he be able to successfully prevents a war from happening and to find true love?