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  • Bernice Reyes

    am I the only one having trouble playing this?

    • jude

      I watch it yesterday nothing wrong but now I don’t know what happen.

  • Ladonna Villanueva

    it wont play😢

  • Bernice Reyes

    it’s not playing 🙁

  • Xena.

    Admin, i think your servers are not working properly, as can’t load on Safari any dramas, it keeps leaving the site.. I have had more luck with Firefox, but still temperamental.


Fighter of the Destiny – 择天记


Fourteen years old orphan Chen Changsheng (Luhan) leaves his town and goes to find a remedy for his sick master. With a marriage arrangement paper in hand, he arrives to the God’s town and will meet both good and bad people. Will he be able to successfully prevents a war from happening and to find true love?