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  • jude

    Subs please.. Thank You so much for uploading this drama. Thank you for granting my request :))

    • 4udrama

      It has been released

      • jude

        Thank You :))

  • jude

    Sub please….Thank you

    • 4udrama

      We’ve updated it with engsub

  • healed “kaka” lat

    sub please

  • healed “kaka” lat

    why terminated??

    • jude

      Its subs

  • jude

    Its great drama its been terminated :((

  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine


  • ran chan

    but where are the subs

  • jadine <3
  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

    Yayyyy it’s finally subbed<3 Maybe this drama could bring a little bit of happiness in my life since SHR broke my heart into a million pieces:/

    • Maitrayee Chakrabarty

      the subs are not completed yet…. 🙁

      • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

        I know

        • Maitrayee Chakrabarty


          • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

            I don’t know,but I hope so:/

  • You Belong To Me You Are Mine

    So basically this drama is like the kdrama version of hyde jekyll me omgggggggggggg*___* The lead’s have such good chemistry,and I adore the lead female:”D

  • passanger

    this is super funny . I liked it a lot

  • You say the subs have been updated. Where?

  • Veronica

    Eng sub pls. Thank you for trying hard…

  • hfzh0825

    please sub the rest of the ep. I would definitely appreciate your efforts.. Thank youuu

  • Christina Lynn Johnson

    it seems like only the first four eps are subbed so far

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    please complete the sub … it have been a long time since the last time you have added the subs for the fourt ep

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    Please sub the rest of the episodes

  • Maitrayee Chakrabarty

    please provide the subs for the rest…pls pls

  • Olga Musiał

    is anyone subbing this??? I’ve noticed that there are so many good chinese dramas but no one’s subbing them 🙁

  • Maitrayee Chakrabarty

    please complete the subs pleaseeee……

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    10 is subbed!

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    This drama is done but is it going to be subbed…😂😂😂

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    omo!! been waiting for this!!! 🙂
    gonna wait till it’s completely subbed before watching this… 🙂

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    please update the sub of the remaining episodes

  • Kate W

    plz finish completing the subs for the episodes… i want to know want happens. even though I can watch them but i want to understand what’s happening

  • mooona-kun

    Why episode ten is not playing

  • Paula Figueroa

    Yes please don’t let this job unfinish. Please keep with the sub

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    Subs, subs. subs. please…its been a long time…dying to watch it!!!!

  • Cristiane Reidel

    Help me!!!!! Subs please!!!

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    Episodes 10 &11 could not be played. “Error file media”

  • Veronica

    Pls continue to sub!!! It’s a pity not finishing what we’ve started!

  • dhun

    please sub the 12th episode

  • jolene

    how come no eng sub i wait for so long..i dun understand chinese


Fool in Love with You (2016) – 笨蛋爱上两个你 – This is typical idol drama about romance between perfect CEO and his live-in-maid.

Liu Mikan – Hao Cong Ming
Wu Hao Ze – Chi Mo / Song Xiao Xiao
Zhao Hancock – Han Yi
Feng Kinki – Zheng Bao Zhu

Download :

Ep1 : https://goo.gl/sPhCQ7

Ep2: https://goo.gl/xddu91

Ep3: https://goo.gl/xQ6t5T