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  • Izumi Nam

    No sub????

  • Lala

    You are AMazing!! <3

  • Barbara Curtis

    Episode 10 with subs is unfortunately unwatchable on mobile or desktop, with adblock or without it. Two seconds of film then two minutes of pause. Plus ads and plugins going nuts I think – so it doesn’t feel safe to stream this cause who knows what’s going to end up on your computer. Also porn ads. I am disappointed. 4udrama generally offers a clean site, few ads, and good player. This episode was so frustrating it ruins 4udrama’s reputation all round. If I could watch this episode elsewhere I would but I can’t find it, so I have to resign myself to not watching it cause it really is unwatchable on this site. Please fix, 4udrama.

    • 4udrama

      We have updated it. You can check it again and please support our by whitelisting us in your ad blocking software. Many thanks

  • shosho ali

    thank you for Eng sub . please add English subtitle for the rest of episodes

  • Yusma Hanim

    too many ads

  • Mariam El Fassi

    thank u <3

  • Kristine1010

    to the Subber, thank u so much! deeply appreciated it. Bless you and your family and the ones that enlighten you to sub this. more episodes please… Again THANK YOU SO MUCH! MORE PLS.. 🙂

  • May Chen

    @4udrama Thank you very much for english subtitle You are AMazing!!

  • Bonnie

    So happy, thanks for the subs!

  • ah-ra

    his machine looks so poorly made. everytime he stands on it the pole shakes so badly!! haha!

  • Abril August

    “I’m a man, but not yours” LOL

  • Paula Aparejado

    I love that! But I frustrated because sometime when they speak Chinese with no caption

  • Msleah90

    Yan Shu got a little aggravating to me in this episode because she lied about something that she didn’t need to lie about. You tell a guy who has lost his parents that you’ve lost yours as well. That’s not cool. That’s a serious matter. Don’t play around like that.
    If Jin Yun drags Yan Shu to talk one more time, I’m gonna scream! He needs to stop putting his hands on her and demanding things of her. Such a prick.
    I knew the model was going to start liking Cheng Ze. It’s just because he doesn’t show any interest in her. If he liked her, she wouldn’t give him a second glance.


Tittle: 狐狸的夏天

English tittle: Fox fall in love

aka: The Fox’s Summer

Episodes: 44

Gender: comedy, romance

Airs: April 5, 2017

Network: QQLive

Duration: 45 min.


The drama tells of how Li Yan Shu the “fox”, and Gu Cheng Ze the “rabbit” fell in love with each other.

Main Cast:

Tan Song Yun
Jiang Chao
Zhang Daniel