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    I don’t understand how the step-dad lets his daughter act like this towards the mom and Yan Shu. I wouldn’t have been able go or do anything until I fixed my attitude. This mother is really annoying. Yan Shu is grown. Let her make her own freakin’ decisions. You’d think she’d realize that she’s just driving Yan Shu further away by forcing things on her. I still don’t like Jin Yun. He went too far in trying to hurt Yan Shu. Can’t just erase that. He should be apologizing to her before trying to pursue her again. Cheng Ze is jealous. lolol Poor thing. Doesn’t even know.


Tittle: 狐狸的夏天

English tittle: Fox fall in love

aka: The Fox’s Summer

Episodes: 44

Gender: comedy, romance

Airs: April 5, 2017

Network: QQLive

Duration: 45 min.


The drama tells of how Li Yan Shu the “fox”, and Gu Cheng Ze the “rabbit” fell in love with each other.

Main Cast:

Tan Song Yun
Jiang Chao
Zhang Daniel