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  • jude

    This drama is good but to much flash back it taking the time and space of the other scenes of the drama…it make the drama not enough it seems to short.

  • jude

    More than two weeks to wait for season 2…. a long wait I like this drama and I enjoy it 🙂

    • Leticia Bravo

      when the season 2 start please let me know

      • jude

        They say its May 4

        • Ina

          season 2 complete in maplestage

          • jude

            Thanks but here also is complete only that the subs not completed.

      • jude

        Leticia its already all here 🙂

  • Bonnie

    so happy that season two will come out quickly, I can’t wait for this to be all subbed, I really like this drama so much..so happy it’s here!

  • Iesoo Hin

    When Ep 21 will be subbed?please tell if they do so

  • dHter

    SUB sub sub pls…

  • PEOL

    Okay so early today and I see the sub, I don’t forget to thank you every single time I could understand all these mandarin. Thanks, subbers!

    • Iesoo Hin

      Good For u TT

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    There is really no reason for Li Yan Shu to stay with Gu Cheng Ze since Li Yan Shu can easily afford to rent her own place. Dramas just like to keep on using the old trope about the boy and girl living in the same place or being neighbors.

    • Alizey Khan

      Really i thought this to 😕😕😕

  • Lilik Chin

    I use chrome and the ep 21 and 22 couldnt be open.. do you has any recommended browser maybe?

    • 4udrama

      Make sure that you turned off your ad blocking software or please support our by whitelisting us in your ad blocking software.
      Many thanks

  • curelover

    Thanks for all the hard work subbing. Can we get ep 21 and 22 corrected?? Would love to watch those!

    • mahjong

      Hi, I made it this far. Hooked, but skipping the many flashbacks!

      • curelover

        Soooooo many flashbacks … those alone fill like 10 eps … could have been a 34 ep series.

  • JB_Coleman

    this grandson is so annoying…..can he go away!!!!

  • Lollie Susie

    thank you so much for the subs:)

  • Lollie Susie

    i wanna learn mandarin now

  • jeli bihag

    how to download here?

  • Tsubaki

    Awesome kiss scene!!!
    And smiling Gu is soooooo cute…

  • Msleah90

    Please tell me Qun Yao ends up single. She doesn’t deserve a happy ending at all.
    Ah, yas. The drunken kiss. It’s gonna be ugly when Jin Yun and grandma find out that these two like each other.


Tittle: 狐狸的夏天

English tittle: Fox fall in love

aka: The Fox’s Summer

Episodes: 44

Gender: comedy, romance

Airs: April 5, 2017

Network: QQLive

Duration: 45 min.


The drama tells of how Li Yan Shu the “fox”, and Gu Cheng Ze the “rabbit” fell in love with each other.

Main Cast:

Tan Song Yun
Jiang Chao
Zhang Daniel