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  • …… D’Life ..💛…

    YES it’s here …im not going to say sub because site dont do that…but you are the fatest to upload new dramas…L.H are such good actor…

  • Bonnie

    looking forward to subs… I am new to this site, and have found a drama eng subbed here that is no where else ( that I can find) and I was thrilled.. so ..? I think there is subbing done here? Anyway, I hope so, and hope this will get eng subbed. I have this site bookmarked as a ‘go-to’ first now ..

  • Jaja Gonzales

    Thank u for the english subs


Chines title: 继承人
English title: Heirs (2017)
As known as: Lawyer inherited
Release Date: April 14, 2017 on Dragon TV


Drama about a hotshot lawyer suddenly ending up with an assistant named Tang Ning. After returning from abroad, Tang Ning was forced to give up her shares to the family business and the lawyer may be her only hope.