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  • michoerly zhj

    Subs pleeeeeease…. pleeeeeeease Thank you!

  • michoerly zhj

    It got subs already! But you need to change the colour from red to blue!

  • michoerly zhj

    So sad they change the woman 🙁


      yeah,, why did they changed lou lou,,,,

  • Tsubaki

    OMG!! :O I can’t believe it!!! Thank you, thank youuuu!!!


    does Mr. Feng said precious instead of pressure?

  • Elizabeth Guzman Martin O’Brie

    When can we have a sub for this drama ??? please sub …

  • Saturnina Sumaylo

    NO NO Where’s Victoria huhuhuuuhu I DONT LIKE THIS

  • Bernice Reyes

    subs please

  • Stella Prime

    This drama can never be the same without victoria song 😔☹️


    please sub this .. pleaseeeeeeeee

  • michoerly zhj

    Please finish the subs :'(

  • Rheldar

    Only subbing 25% of the series and leaving the rest alone? Horrible thing to do to people. May I suggest K-Y Jelly and a condom next time you want to screw people?


Chinese title: 幻城凡世/ Huan Cheng Fan Shi
English title: Ice Fantasy Destiny


Feng Shao Feng
Zhang Yu Qi
Ma Tian Yu
Alina Zhang


It is the year 2020 and Kasuo has been reincarnated as Feng Suo, the head of a high technology company. He inadvertently unlocks memories of the past and regains his power, thus igniting a new chapter in the history of the ice and fire tribe.

(Credit: mydramalist)