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  • ana

    luv cecilia Liu and william chan…thank u for the eng sub…hoping for the next episodes with eng sub..i have been waiting for this…

  • michoerly zhj

    I love to see this historical Chinese drama especially for detail in every little thing like dress, armor, have you seein those details? My respect to designers, to hairdressers, computer graphic designers too, they all do it with so much effort. Thank you !

  • niko

    yassss finally…thank you for the subs

  • Moana Ashley

    Looks like this could be interesting

  • Alix Foster

    The subs are non sense, are they auto translate? Please translate into real English as this looks like a great drama.

  • Lucy

    The subtitles don’t make sense or I can’t understand english!

    • michoerly zhj

      I think is funny! hahahaha

    • Khoo59

      google translate was used to translate it (by don’t know who)… I even tried correcting the subs on youtube but it didn’t get posted. Waste my time…I’m willing to correct it here if someone can let me know how to do it????

      • 4udrama

        You can contact us via fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/4udrama. I hope you can help us to fix it

        • Khoo59

          Well, it’s actually subbed by dramafever, why don’t you upload their episodes, the subs are actually really good.

        • Khoo59

          I see you’ve updated better subs now (dramafever?) for episode 1, can you do the same with ep 2 onwards, the Eng subs are awful at present.

        • Khoo59

          Hi, can you fix the subs in episode 4, they are pretty bad at the moment. Thanks.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    The subs were probably done using a free online translation website. Not sure why female magicians need to swing on trees like tarzan and they probably should be flying.

  • Shuurei

    Even if it is really really poorly translated, it is still better than nothing

  • Jemimah Toledo

    the subtitle sometimes its not good..but its ok as long theres english subtitle we can understand..and pleas continue to subtitle these drama

  • Sahara House

    too obsess with princess agent, so other historical drama seem boring to me.. even I am stop to watch kdrama a while… T_T
    I will watch this latter after I ending my obsession with Princess agent..

    • tera

      i’m been contemplating whether to watch princess agents or not. i’m sort of traumatized by chinese historical drama because the ending always spoils everything. the only one that i’ve watch from the beginning and not waiting for the whole drama to end are those dramas that i know will have happy ending.

      will wait for it to end

      • oppa lover

        I wish I read your comment earlier. Princess agents ending traumatized me to say the least. I have decided to try this one but I have a feeling of foreboding. I will still give it a try.

        • tera

          Yeah…i’ve heard some sort of rumours about the ending that is not so positive, so i decided to wait. I actually don’t really understand the chinese drama makers especially the historical one. They’re obsess with sad, tear-jerking ending that I find is just ridiculous. Even in go princess go which have a good ending in the novel was changed to be a bad one in the drama

          • oppa lover

            The ending in princess agents is nowhere close to a sad ending. Its a ridiculous cliff hanger that will leave you enraged and wanting to flip something. The ending hints at a second season but at least they should have somehow notified us of a second season if ever there is one. They left all major issues unsolved. Maybe there is a second season after all rumor has it but I haven’t read any official release to attest to that. It was such a disappointment.

          • Clara

            I am so touched. I watched from day 1 till it ended, they can’t do such a thing. They better have same main leads in the next season. My heart breaks every time I hear someone saying something about Princess agents….Got addicted to it and they left us dry

          • oppa lover

            Makes it the two us. I loved that drama so much and i raved about it to all my friends and some of them even watched it because of my recommendations but it disappointed me so much. I am not looking forward to season 2 unless the retain the same cast.

  • Oppachronicles ❤️

    Am loving everything about then drama!! Please sub correctly!!!!! It looks
    Like it has potential!!! Loving the chemistry so far….

  • MoUnni

    With these subs it has become a comedy XD
    How many times are they going to say easily intimidated from around 11-12 minute? lol and how did North Korea end up in the subs 😛
    Good to see the ex boyfriend from Love 020 in this.

    P.S. William chan is reminding me of Kit from 2 moon the series. I see a physical resemblance.

  • sophia

    lol the subs are hilarious. I was watching not noticing them when suddenly i looked down and saw the subs and i like paused the video and started laughing my head off. I went back the whole video and just looked at the subs lol. Whoever did the subs is so adorable hahaha !!!

  • Bushra

    i will come back when the subs are fixed 🙁

  • lazy-lilly

    Why can’t I play the video on my phone

  • Sam A

    Aahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhaaaa the subs are jokes “Queen” ahahhahahahhahah im dyin here

  • airisu

    I can’t with the sub!

    Thank you anyway for uploading…

  • Mfale

    The English subtitles seems to me, they haven’t been edited properly and its confusing the viewers who like to watch Chinese drama, It would have been nice if the editing of the english subtitles was done properly before it came on air. I do appreciate the hard work subbers do to bring us the subtitles however it would be a waste of their hard work if the subtitles don’t make sense, would only put off the viewer from watching this drama.

  • Ingrid Atkins

    Cdrama always gives me stress cos it never end well,and sometimes in the middle it seems as if they do not know what they are doing anymore like in princess agent.Fans doen’t often have information about the drama they are watching like other asian dramas do.Another problem—–cdrama practically kills romance, they fear romance like a disease,someone please tell me what is going on in cdrama with romance aspect of the drama.Well ,i still give thumb up for peach blossom,i like that drama.The director and the producers must be modern people,the rest sorry to say—–are boring and tertibly ancient,like having mentality of the people from dark ages.

  • Kristine1010

    nice.. very nice ep1 has already the right subs ive been waiting for… Thank you for fixing it.. I hope the other episode will be done soon.. Thank u again! 🙂

  • jesuiscelle

    i love seeing all these familiar faces, Xiao yue from princess agents, a couple of guys from the journey of flower and some from scarlet heart.

  • Are my eyes deceiving me but Yuan Ling (William Chan) and Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao) look like twins

    • tera

      they did looks like siblings

    • Clara

      I thought I was the only one seeing that. I can’t even tell them apart

      • i had to google them just to make sure they weren’t actually twins or related lol

  • airisu

    Thanks so much for the fix sub!
    Oh,I saw 9th disciple!(TMOPB)

  • Mfale

    Thanks for fixing the subs,now i can properly understand whats going on.

  • Jaime Ngu Siew Fung

    Why haven’t got new episodes yet?


Chinese title: 醉玲珑/ Zui Ling Long
English title: Lost Love in Times

Broadcast Period: July 6, 2017


Feng Qingchen (Cecilia Liu) is a sorceress of Mingyi Tower, the secret organization tasked with protecting the royal family. Yuan Ling (William Chan) is a prince from Western Wei, a ruling kingdom during the Northern and Southern dynasties. Yuan Zhan (Xu Haiqiao), the seventh prince, is Yuan Ling’s biggest competitor in both power and love.

After getting to know each other, Feng Qingchen is impressed by Yuan Ling’s abilities and suppresses her feelings for the sake of seeing him ascend his rightful position. Despite Qingchen’s contributions to the kingdom, the court is vehemently against Yuan Ling marrying a woman who dabbles in black magic. Yuan Zhan launches a coup on the day of the wedding ceremony, and Qingchen uses her powers to reset the universe in an effort to prevent further bloodshed. Qingchen is eventually able to heal the rift between Yuan Ling and Yuan Zhan, allowing them to join hands to overthrow the corrupt officials and return peace to the land.

(Credit: Soompi)