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  • Flowerdale

    Lmao when they were trying to prevent her from looking out at the window!!!!

  • Amastris

    WTF is up with her???? Why did she tell him to leave??? What happened from the time she passed out until he arrived into her room that she needed to treat him like shit??? I don’t understand that actually… The were on a mission and got hurt, both worried about the other’s well-fair which is proper…then what did she need to tell to leave for like a cold ass fucking bitch??? Right now, I’m pissed at her character, because that was straight up BS!

    • Game Account

      Probable jealous like an idiot because she heard he has a fiance.

  • The video quality is bad! I was so happy the subs were out, but I can’t watch the video well 🙁

  • Game Account

    Lol that hospital scene was too funny, but I won’t lie the doctor is way hotter than the star.

  • Urukyu Ajha

    Why ep 17 can’t download……?


Memory Lost – 美人为馅


When in the presence of strangers, Han Chen was always handsome and cold, making it difficult for others to get close to him. He was like the frosted snow – pure, and slightly chilly. Yet, he was also like the river flowing in the dark night – quiet and moving. To many, he was akin to an unequalled and untouchable god.

Only in the presence of Bai Jin Xi would this famous top police superintendent expose his deeply hidden shameless nature .

“Come and sit nearer to me, I won’t eat you. At least, not now.”

“I have never touched other women before. Do you want to check my body?”

“Bai Jin Xi, never ever leave my side. Every year, every month, every moment, every minute, every second.”

In his heart, there exists an obstinate old man – one who has tirelessly loved her throughout all these years.


Yang Rong

Bai Yu

Li Jian

Qi Ji


Zhang Yi Jie

He Feng Tian