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  • The timing of subs is not right

    • 4udrama

      Please provide me detail about it

      • The video and and substitles are not quite in sync. They speak but subtitles show maybe a few seconds of que. When its a few actors conversating it gets a little confusing. I hope that explains it well, Thank you for your work .

        • 4udrama

          Oh, Thank you very much. I have seen it. I will fix it asap


Native title: My Dear Loser รักไม่เอาถ่าน Monster Romance
English title: My Dear Loser Series: Monster Romance


Pong, the leader of the gang often gets into fights. But one day. Pong gets into an accident and meets Namking. Pong slowly falls for Namking, in order to be the better man for her, he changes for the better. But family tragedy falls, will their love overcome any obstacles?