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  • k-drama k-pop

    These vamipres are soo handsom 😍😍

    • jude

      Have you seen the korean web drama Vampire Flower all the vampire are handsome 🙂

      • k-drama k-pop

        I didn’t see this drama. Thank you for the advice already get dow to watching . 😘💖💖💖


    error loading the file.. please fix it

  • michoerly zhj

    no subs

  • Ikmal Maulana

    English subtitles please

  • im jang keun suk.wife

    its look like a demonic lover?

  • Alexandra Conrié Litchman

    There are no subs, please fix it!!!

  • Hope Left

    no eng subs? 🙁 pls subs

  • Edith Sheng

    This kinda reminds me of the anime “diabolik lovers” with one girl and several male vampires.

    • From the opening song it really does look like it; looking at the characters as well; they even have a little one.


Chinese title: 我的吸血鬼男友
English title: My Vampire Boyfriend

A young girl encounters a group of attractive vampires.