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  • killthenoodle

    Where is the rest of the episode?

    • Liz

      The rest if the episodes will be Coming soon after 6 months maybe if ur lucky…and the sub will be in 3 to 5 years…buwahahahuhuhu..

    • JaLee Nya

      It is a webdrama on YOUKU. It started the 25th Octc has 60ep and hasn’t finished airing yet. For now, in all the sites known to men, no one has started translating it. And trust me when I say we are sheads load of people waiting for heros to rise and do it. My next move is to learn mandarin

      • Elenita Nadeau

        thanks for information

  • Kristine Cann

    translation please

  • Saesang

    Oh isn’t he the EMperor in “Go Princess Go”

    • Jskinz

      Oh yes he is, lol.

  • Elenita Nadeau


  • jenzki

    english sub plz……

  • skovich

    Engsub pleasee this drama from my another favorite novel 🙇🙏

    • Lainey

      is there an English version of the novel?

      • skovich

        The novel called ‘General Above I am Below’
        You can googling it, but the chapter stuck at ch.16
        so you can googling the spoiler 😅

  • Lamia Chaffai

    Can you please provide english transation for this wonderful drama?

  • lantern

    English sub please

  • QAS

    I hope that someone will sub this drama. Thanks.

  • Phimm Khamphanh

    English Sub please please someone Thanks

  • Corjuc Emma

    Please sub this amazing drama!

  • fitrina sriwid

    i wonder why no one wants to translate this drama…is it because the conversation is too difficult?


Chinese title: 将军在上
English title: Oh My General


The drama tells of the peculiar love story between a stoic and strong female general Ye Zhao, and a good-for-nothing but gorgeous prince Zhao Yu Jin, after they were betrothed to each other by the empress dowager.