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  • Cathy Wang

    Can u sub the episode ??????????

  • Kurmanbekova Nazerke

    i can`t see drama, don`t understand why?please help me

  • amelia julian

    Eng subbed please

    • 4udrama

      Engsub has been updated.

  • Marceci

    Could you please sub this drama??? Thank you in advance and thankyou For your hard work 🙂

  • Feline Ivory A Esguerra

    when will be the other episodes be subbed in english? Thank you very much for subbing.

  • I.respect.admins

    eng sub pleassss TT

  • Jean Chenry

    Eng sub plsss

  • Laley Pops

    Thank you so much for the subs! Been wanting to watch this for a while, can’t wait to see the rest ?

  • Girl Crush Sun Bin

    Dear 4udrama team, when will you sub the rest of episodes? I’m eagerly waiting for the subs and been checking the page every hour (literally) T.T hope you guys can sub this drama soon. Thanks and lots of love!!!


    Please sub it jeballllll. I can’t wait for the other episodes to be sub. Pleaseeeee. We. will appreciate it a lot

  • Shane Rea Gentallan

    though its a short series, but its so very nice drama..like us youth for today..please do sub all the other episodes..thanks..

  • Tan De Silva

    why does it takes them to sub this short series for too long. T_T

  • Girl Crush Sun Bin

    why are they subbing it sooo slowly T.T


    Every when do you upload eng sub?

  • LaShonda Matlock

    subs please

  • devil

    for those who complaining why it takes too long for the rest of subbed episodes being uploaded, please stop that. You guys should be thankful at least there are people who are willing to provide the subtitle for you (even though there are some mistranslations here and there but it’s okay, it’s still understandable hehe). Thank you for your hardwork 4udrama subber!! 🙂

    • 4udrama

      Hello @disqus_ZdeBFX6tnV:disqus,

      We are glad to receive your feedback about the subtitle. If you can, please send us words mistranslated via Contact us or send a message to our Fanpage at:

      Once again, thanks for your patience. We will try updating English subtitle asap.

      Many thanks,
      4udrama Team.

  • armyV

    Is the video uploaded once you finished subbing or its set on a day?

  • Sarah Shah

    This is a great drama. Thank you for subbing it.

  • Siu-mei Kong Rufrán

    sub español porfaa D:


Heart Thumping Spike 2′ will tell the story of the nerdy, bookish Han Da Woon and pro ‘genius’ volleyball player Dong Hae Sung, and how the love slowly develops between the two.

  • Native title:

    두근두근 스파이크 2

  • Also Known as:

    Heart Thumping Spike 2; Pounding Spike 2;