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  • Maiyea Yang

    Please sub this drama

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    Can someone plz sub the drama 😭🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Please fix it. I cannot watch it

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    cannot watch the drama 🙁

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    Thanks for the subs.

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    Thank You so much for subbing. We waited for this drama for a long time

  • Sahara House

    the female lead to over acting.. look strange.. I just hope the story is good..

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    Yay there’s subs now. Thank you

  • Betty La Fea

    4udrama why it cant be downloaded? I try to send message on fb but it was only seen mode what kind of ain do u have when they dont even want to answer simple question

  • Saesang

    Oh isn’t the 8th prince (potential husband) Yue Qi in Princess Agents…He’s a lead here, Yay I like him

    • Uri Lazuli

      and it seem his attendant is also yanxun’s subordinate cheng yuan

      • ZeeD

        Yes, but softer here! lol

        • Roh Laren

          I’m glad too, because he was a evil General in Princess Agents. It’s nice to see a ‘gentler’ side to this actor.

          • ZeeD

            True, I find him good looking in this drama. He is soft spoken and loyal to the Prince.

    • Kielry Apple

      Yue qi is more handsome in princess agent than here i can also read the novel of this drama

      • Kong Rain

        are u sure i think he way handsome in Eternal Love his personality are so warm and yet he love her no matter what if are refer in drama look i think this one way handsome as in Yue qi assassin i thin he very suit in Princess Agent but as in handsome i Eternal Love 8th Prince way way better from beginning to Epi 16 so far i can’t wait to see rest later on

    • ZeeD

      Yes, he is!!! He is so good, cute, flirtatious and naughty!! Lol Great chemistry with the actress she is so funny and very pretty! Doing a great job switching from character to character.

    • Kong Rain

      YUP!! and i love the drama too so sweet

  • Melanie Salazar

    Yeah.. NO!!! Terrible acting 🙁

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    Lead actress jaw seems a bit too sharp.

  • Tangela Reynolds

    The cover they have for this drama I for Ten Thousand Miles to Peach Blossoms. This is an entirely different story.

    synopsis: Mo Liancheng is the 8th prince of Dongyue who is forced to marry Qu Tan Er who was already in love with Mo Yi Huai (Mo Lian Cheng’s elder brother). Qu Tan Er tries to commit suicide one day because she doesn’t want to marry Mo Lian Cheng but doesn’t succeed. One day, she woke up and another person entered her body. In the morning, her personality becomes lady-like, which is her true self. At night, she becomes childish and free-spirit but sometimes when she faints; she changes her personality again. Mo Lian Cheng is suspicious at why Qu Tan Rr is sometimes so different but soon he falls in love with her. Xiao Tan tries all methods so she can go back to the modern world but so far nothing helps. Can she go back or will she end up falling in love with Mo Lian Cheng? ~~ Adapted from the novel Hilarious Pampered Consort: Lord I Will Wait for Your Divorce written by Fan Que.

    It has 24 episodes.
    Just a little heads up. I was getting a little confused by the story because it wasn’t matching up with the plot that I read somewhere else.

    • Ricka

      Thanks for explanation 😁😁

  • Jemimah Toledo

    thankyou for subbing these drama..and to tell you the true its really good story and the character love it ….please continue english subbing these drama..

  • tera

    well, why must they make this half and half things…let the original be dead and the new girl take over already. if it is like this, how am i suppose to root for the main girl when they’re two of them competing for the same body?

    • Maiyea Yang

      Yes, i want the ancient girl gone. She seems scheming. She wrote a letter (i am assuming) to 1st Prince. I think she still in love with him.

      I just love the modern and MLC’s tantrum. I laughed hard when 8th prince’s cousin asked him if she could come visited him often. He told her to ask his consort. Xian Tan said she could come as much as she wanted. This made him mad so he just walked off.

  • Tsubaki

    Wow!! First episode and I’m totally into this drama already))) It’s something new and refreshing, with lots of funny stuff… my cup of tea!

  • Bonnie

    It’s cute, I can’t wait for more subbing!

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  • Liz


  • Kong Rain

    thank for the sub 1-6 but 5 wasn’t working can u place new link and please continue on sub all 12 Epi thank i very love this drama and i would to know the story talking thank!!

  • Vanquisher

    although I like him in Princess Agents, I don’t think he’s right for the lead role here cuz he doesn’t have the look and lead role in Cdrama usually has look; surprised that this is unconventional

    and why is the young miss’ slippers appeared out of time…for a minute there, I thought the drama is back in time or back to the past

    • simplegal88

      Reasons why he might had been chosen:
      1) based on the set and everything else, this is a low budget drama. Can only afford 2nd lead type?
      2) His character is a low key, low profile character like a nerd. Even his martial art skills
      is a secret. Based on the story character, he cannot be a superstar like.

      He is actually very good looking in Princess Agents, could be the hair style that is not
      flattering to his face but his acting delivers his character well.

    • I love him in Princess Agents and have been pleasantly surprised that he pulls of the lead role here and made me love him even more. I look forward to seeing more of him .

  • Kong Rain

    @Admin first i want to THANK U for subbing all Epi 12 now and thank all your hard work ….can please sub the rest 13-16 i would love to see the rest with Sub thank for advance

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    Waiting for sub ep 13-14 please please

  • I am back @the beginning .

  • lazy-lilly

    Waiting for episode 17 it should be released by now right?

  • Roh Laren

    I began watching this drama because the leading man played a kick-ass ninju and second man to Master Yue, in Princess Agents. Who knew he’d be so dang good in a leading role, but he plays this character skillfully and he’s kind of sexy doing it! Oh, yeah, and where there was NO sex in Princess Agents, he’s having LOTS of sex in this!…LOL… it was surprising and appreciated…this drama is for grown-ups.
    I love how he doesn’t hesitate when he wants her. I love her responses to his ardor, and together, they have a sweet chemistry that exudes off the screen. This was surprisingly good in parts, and utterly ridiculous in others, but, all in all…the good outweighs the bad.

    • jude

      He is an amazing actor even though this is his first lead role and he is very talented. He is a Sm trainee I think he will shine more as an actor and a singer in China than in Korea. If he debuted in Korea he will be tied up on a long contract which hinder him to do dramas.

  • Edith Sheng

    LOL…The guy who killed him in princess agents became his underling here. Goodness this is hilarious

  • JB_Coleman

    please why is it that after i click “close ad and play” no video shows. please help!!!!!!!!!


Chinese title: 双世宠妃
English title: The Eternal Love
Cast: Xing Zhao Lin (YueQi in Princess Agents)


Qu Tan Er, the daughter born from the concubine of Qu Manor is considered lucky to be bestowed marriage by the Emperor of Dong Yue Empire to his 8th son, Prince Mo Lian Cheng. But she was in love with Mo Yi Huai (First Prince and Mo Lian Cheng’s Elder Brother) and tried to commit suicide because of the forced marriage. For some unknown reason, ever since the day Qu Tan Er tried to take her own life, she started having memory gaps, forgetting things and her personal maid starts noticing that Tan Er’s personality is totally different from the lady she’s been serving all her life… that’s because another soul, from modern times also occupies the ancient times in Qu Tan Er’s body. Two souls, one body. Will modern time Qu Tan Er be able to find her way back to the future? What will happen to ancient time Qu Tan Er?