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  • sophia

    AWWW I FEEL SO MUCH FOR THE 8TH PRINCE!! he learns she isnt her and wants to stay by her side but how oh poor baby

    • Maiyea Yang

      Really. I think the modern girl loves him though.

      • sophia

        Ya the modern one is in love with him and he is in love with the modern girls souls not the original girls soul. And the original soul of the body is not she is in love with his brother and is trying to betray the 8th prince. While the modern one is trying to stop her. (if you go further in the episodes the modern girl tries to tell the 8th prince she loves him and she would never betray him when he accuses her of betraying him which she didn’t but the original one did- she then tries to tell him who she really is but he doesn’t believe her until after she almost dies and a magical doc or priest comes in and tells him after he heals her.

        • Maiyea Yang

          Which girl does love? I hope he is in love with the modern girl. I heard people said the book was not like this where the girl has two different personalities.

          • oppa lover

            The prince loves Xiao tan the modern girl not Qu Tan’er

          • MarieAnn

            when he was waiting for her to wake up, he said he made her fave spicy food…the original soul like sweet food, so he’s in love with the modern girl, i guess.

  • airisu

    Omg!!!thank you, thank you ofr the sub!!!loving this drama so much!!!

  • Miroslava

    thank you

  • See the prince grab his heart with shock when he learns shes been trying to go back…the fact that she is residing in someone elses body means she must and should go back…how this story pans out is making it really interesting and also heartbreaking.

    Just wandering where the plot of this story will take us, maybe prince will love both of them and they will both love him ( especially after finding out the other Prince used her)…imagine the jealousy ….if they both withhold the body from him poor fulla wont get laid.

    • Kong Rain

      i don’t think the 8th Prince will in love with Qu Tan’er coz she totally another different person he only choice one with the modern girl instead his love was deep with her so far anyway and i don’t think that toward the next epi it getting more serious what i mean i afraid that the 2 love might be separated i already know some the part ok i won’t spoil this i let u watch i read that it might be season 2 also and i very don’t know i in love this drama refer Xing Zhao lin first leading Roll here he did good so far who care and yes he is handsome here to for his acting and character i said he did good job!!

      • I agree with you that it is the modern girl that he loves . I am afraid they may be separated . I realize in that 8th prince and modern girl should separate because the modern girl is in Qu Tan’er, I will continue to watch in future episodes how this story unfolds.

        Thanks for letting me know there may be a season2 that will help me not to expect to much . I am feeling quite gutted that there may be a season 2 for Princess Agents

        • Kong Rain

          i think also coz it already out Epi 56 and they only 3 left how the ending like am not sure either it kinda make think almost all drama that been are having season part OMG they are the Novel Drama become more trended now ahahahhaha *SIGH* as for (YueQ) Zing Zhao Lin in Princess Agent he maybe an assassin but i love his acting in that drama sad that he only show a little in most the Epi come and go which is understandable he wasn’t main lead but from that Princess Agent to became Main Lead as a PRINCE 8TH wowow i was actually impress how he character and acting i found him handsome a lot i also think he handsome in Princess Agent too but be honest i like Enternal Love i also looking forwards to see more hi Main lead Roll in future drama

          • Yes I like Yue Qi in Eternal Love. I am very impressed with him and find him handsome in both Drama. I hope he gets more opportunities for lead roles too. If he becomes popular in Eternal Love it could be the starting of great things for him

    • Gem Hernandez

      Qu Tan’er will die by saving Xiaotan

  • Love him in Princess Agents and here as well.
    ” You are mine , completely mine” ….ok then my honey hehehe


    • Gem Hernandez

      i can feel that haha.. i watching this drama over and over again everyday

  • Gem Hernandez

    subtitle please.. admin

  • Smexy Oppas

    oh lord, usually i don’t like possessive men but 8th gets to me……completely mine

  • MinMin22

    Damn it’s already 4 am!?? .. I NEED SLEEP!!! but it’s SO SWEEEEET XD

  • JustJ

    i really hope there will be a way for xiao tan and tan er to separate into two bodies instead of switching all the time

  • JustJ

    PD be like “sad scene…CUE THE RAIN”


Chinese title: 双世宠妃
English title: The Eternal Love
Cast: Xing Zhao Lin (YueQi in Princess Agents)


Qu Tan Er, the daughter born from the concubine of Qu Manor is considered lucky to be bestowed marriage by the Emperor of Dong Yue Empire to his 8th son, Prince Mo Lian Cheng. But she was in love with Mo Yi Huai (First Prince and Mo Lian Cheng’s Elder Brother) and tried to commit suicide because of the forced marriage. For some unknown reason, ever since the day Qu Tan Er tried to take her own life, she started having memory gaps, forgetting things and her personal maid starts noticing that Tan Er’s personality is totally different from the lady she’s been serving all her life… that’s because another soul, from modern times also occupies the ancient times in Qu Tan Er’s body. Two souls, one body. Will modern time Qu Tan Er be able to find her way back to the future? What will happen to ancient time Qu Tan Er?