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  • airisu

    Thank you for the sub!

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  • Miroslava

    Thank you.

  • Edith Sheng

    tsk tsk..they should have wiped out the entire Qu family. Now that Pan’er viper will seek revenge.

  • Ajan2356

    this episode was so very satisfying… I just wish they had killed the sister as well xD

  • JustJ

    praying to the drama gods that our black belied prince wakes up soon!

  • JustJ

    good riddance to the crown prince! may he stop meddling in tan er’s life! btw i didn’t even see teary eyes or even a single tear drop fall from him when tan er “broke up” with him! he didn’t even try to hold onto her unlike our sadly still unconscious black bellied lovable prince.

  • JustJ

    heyy does anyone know if 8th prince’s voice is actually the actor’s voice or they did a dub over? cuz mannn i think part of the reason im a fan of his character is his voice is so velvetly and deep SO HAWT. but so glad he woke up at just the right time to save his bae!

  • JustJ

    uh hem. if i was xiao tan, i would’ve been like “okay i’ll let u guys live. but in exchange for writing me out of the family registry” and register under 8th prince’s surname or some other surname so in the future if anything happens to the qu family, like she can be all hands off!


Chinese title: 双世宠妃
English title: The Eternal Love
Cast: Xing Zhao Lin (YueQi in Princess Agents)


Qu Tan Er, the daughter born from the concubine of Qu Manor is considered lucky to be bestowed marriage by the Emperor of Dong Yue Empire to his 8th son, Prince Mo Lian Cheng. But she was in love with Mo Yi Huai (First Prince and Mo Lian Cheng’s Elder Brother) and tried to commit suicide because of the forced marriage. For some unknown reason, ever since the day Qu Tan Er tried to take her own life, she started having memory gaps, forgetting things and her personal maid starts noticing that Tan Er’s personality is totally different from the lady she’s been serving all her life… that’s because another soul, from modern times also occupies the ancient times in Qu Tan Er’s body. Two souls, one body. Will modern time Qu Tan Er be able to find her way back to the future? What will happen to ancient time Qu Tan Er?