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  • SophieD

    Hello, we wanted to post something here letting you all know there probably won’t be an episode this week. Linja had a personal family emergency that’s she’s addressing. We’ll be back next week!

    • simplegal88

      do you know why eps after 16 cannot play shows error?

    • Axellee Doucerin

      hey, when will episode 17 be subbed ? thankss :))

    • dulce balsamo

      ..hope everything with Linja is okay now..

  • Rizal Forevaa

    is this drama being abandoned?

    • SophieD

      Nope, Just needed to take some time away. We’re going to try and get back on schedule.

      • 🙠𝓛𝓲𝓪𝓱𝓷🙢

        Just wanted to say thank-you for all the work both you and Linja have done. Aloha from Hawaii!

  • Naty
    • SophieD

      Hello! Yes, we’re back! Sorry for the long hiatus. I was out of town on a family vacation for more than two weeks with no internet(not even cellular), and Linja needed to take some time off to address some personal issues. We’re going to try and get back on schedule and finish this drama for you guys.

      • destinycake

        Thank you! 😀

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    The same actress is in Cambrian Period altho this drama seems funnier.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    The vampire is looking constipated in this episode.

  • destinycake

    poor bird!! xD


The Journey – 寻找前世之旅 – Based on the popular web novel by Vivibear, The Journey brings back much of the crew behind Journey of Flower’s groundbreaking success with Gao Lin Bao 高林豹 taking the reigns as director once again.