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  • Naty

    The scene with FN’s phone was hilarious. Our cute ancient vampire is true Boss 😀 Thank you Linja and SophieD for subtitles. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/af5078a76c8ce3ea8835b301d23223f0bbd8fb62cb6ca383288cdbb93597fa8b.png

  • Jskinz

    I knew the Shifu was no good from the start. It creeped me out that this man who raised her, acted like she would be his woman one day. So he’s kept her prisoner and taught her magic to achieve his own ends. He doesn’t care about what she wants, and he doesn’t notice that in all of the lives they spent together that we’ve seen she has never seen him as anything more than a friend. Her fate is with YaLong, he’s the intruder.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    That is a nice totoro kitchen apron.

  • Miroslava

    I really hope Xiao Yin and Ya Long end up together, yet I still kind of like Shifu.


The Journey – 寻找前世之旅 – Based on the popular web novel by Vivibear, The Journey brings back much of the crew behind Journey of Flower’s groundbreaking success with Gao Lin Bao 高林豹 taking the reigns as director once again.