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  • Some one ruined the end for me in the comment section .. just want to say i hope you “!”#¤”##”# in your own blood and “!#”#”#¤” 1000 times and still have#”%¤”%##¤%”…….shame on you…

  • Naty

    Will there be season 2?

  • Dhoroty

    Thank you Sophie and Linja for all your hard work in subtitling this drama!

  • Miroslava

    Thank you for the the hard work.

  • marina babinciuc

    I really hope that there will be a second season cuz I’m really didn’t understand the end

    • Jskinz

      It was all a dream. He imagined it after falling asleep while reading Journey of the Flower.

      • Saesang

        Ah Journey of flower…a good heart wrenching watch with another complicated student x teacher relationship…well mostly complicated due to stupid Bai Zi Hua -___-

  • Jskinz

    Shifu’s father tells he needs to chill out and stop being so overbearing. So he creates a virtual prison, lol. I also wouldn’t be surprised if her birth parents didn’t put her up for adoption but that he was the cause of something happening to them or that he kidnapped her. I’m glad they didn’t switch it, and kept it clear that she still wasn’t not in love with him as a man, but loved him as a teacher and father.

    So that’s what narcissist’s have nightmares about, lol. Literally creating a person from yourself, that you deem perfect, but they don’t want you. They want your friend.

  • SophieD

    For those wondering, the drama’s director has said that he’s exploring doing a third and fourth season and that the end was open because the story is supposed to continue. Which is good, cause I don’t know if anyone else was keeping score, but Ye Yin never gave Ya Long a single smooch while she did kiss Si Yin(Sha Ka) once. The universe needs to be rebalanced.

    • Jskinz

      She kissed him to take the gem back, it wasn’t romantically motivated. And his response to her kiss was to try and rape her. He’s creepy and obsessed. Even with all those lives he didn’t change or learn anything. He wants to possess her no matter what she wants.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine

    Thanks to all the subbers.

  • Elizabeth Guzman Martin O’Brie

    Thanks dear, I love n enjoyed this drama.

  • JaLee Nya

    @@sophiadreith:disqus I saw in another forum that you 2 ladies might be taking on “Let’s Shake it!”? And with more pple to help you out?

    • realiti

      That’s right! Follow our twitter for updates!

      • JaLee Nya

        That’s great news !!!

  • gna

    Thank you so much sophie and linja for subbing this till the end. Really appreciate your hard work

  • MoUnni

    Thank you subbers! Thanks to you I was able to enjoy such a great drama 🙂

    So from what I understand from the ending is that Ye Yin went back to the past and stopped Shifu from creating the perfect girl. As a result she was never born and Ya long and Shifu stayed friends and there was never a war or any punishment. Because of this they were reincarnated in the present and are no longer dead. Shifu dreaming about it might be a hint for another season.

    I enjoyed the drama a lot. If there is another season she better pick Ya long.

  • Freeya Vida

    Certainly, there’s a season 2 for this drama


The Journey – 寻找前世之旅 – Based on the popular web novel by Vivibear, The Journey brings back much of the crew behind Journey of Flower’s groundbreaking success with Gao Lin Bao 高林豹 taking the reigns as director once again.